Uploading Encrypted Data to the Cloud

Most users that have Windows 10 Pro would be using BitLocker for encryption.  Microsoft OneDrive does NOT allow you to backup encrypted folders that are encrypted using BitLocker to the cloud unless you subscribe to OneDrive for Business.  If you encrypt a vault (folder) on a local machine using BitLocker, moving these files to any other location (including to another drive or to the cloud) moves the data in an UNENCRYPTED format.  Most users will have Office 365 with OneDrive, but will not have OneDrive for Business.

However, by using a 3rd party encryption package, encrypted vaults can be uploaded to OneDrive without having to pay extra for a OneDrive for Business subscription, and the upload will remain encrypted while being transferred.

After reviewing several third-party encryption programs, Veracrypt (free) encryption software was selected and used to create several encrypted vaults for placing confidential files.

 These could be backed up to the cloud with the additional costs associated with OneDrive for Business.

 Any encryption vaults should not exceed the limits below, to avoid upload failures:

 Max Cloud Storage File Size

Google Drive       5 TB
Dropbox              20 GB
OneDrive             10 GB
Amazon Cloud    48.82 GB
IBM Cloud            2 GB