How to Get Unlimited Storage on Your Laptop

Upload all your data to OneDrive, and then use OneDrive as your primary data source.

  1. Install Microsoft OneDrive on your laptop
  2. Sync your current data to OneDrive
  3. Open OneDrive with File Explorer
  4. Right click on the OneDrive entry, and select Free Up Space.
  5. If there are files you frequently use in a particular folder, you can highlight this folder, right click and select Always Keep on This Drive.

The files that were previously stored on your laptop will be removed from local storage, but all files will still be listed in your laptop file directory.  Any time you access a file, it will be downloaded back to local storage on your laptop.

In this manner, only the files you are actually using will be maintained on your laptop.  All the other files will be safely stored in the cloud on OneDrive.

OneDrive handles backup of all files automatically, and saves a copy of every edited version of your files.  This relieves you of the task of managing your backups to ensure you never loose data.

Using this technique, gives you 1 TB of OneDrive data accessible to your laptop, while actually only storing a small fraction of this amount on your local laptop disk.

This allows you to purchase laptops with smaller hard drives than the total amount of data you must be able to access on demand.  It represents a great enhancement to the OneDrive cloud storage system.

You will neeed to have internet access in order to download files that are in OneDrive on the cloud but not presently mirrored on your local laptop drive.  If you will be operating in areas where you do not have internet access, you can set the folders containing your essential files to the status: “Always Keep on this Device” so this data will always be available.